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Perry, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist  

Fairfield, CT

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About my Practice


Difficulties and struggles are an inevitable part of human life. We all carry something. Parts of our internal world may even hold intense fears and emotional wounds from the past. Often times we work extremely hard using all our effort and resources to avoid, escape, control, and defend against those internal experiences and struggles. This often leads to feeling exhausted, depleted, and living in a sense of fear and frustration, which results in a mere sense of existing. 


The work I do in my practice is quite different than other forms of therapy. It incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Based Therapy (ACT) and Internal Families Systems (IFS), all of which are evidence-based therapies for reducing emotional suffering.  

In my practice, instead of fighting “the stuff” that comes up in our life (e.g., pain, worries, memories, uncomfortable or unsettling feelings) we work on the relationship you have to those things. When we fear these difficulties in our lives or attempt to avoid and control them, we feel stuck. The struggle is actually what keeps us stuck, resulting in more emotional suffering. Utilizing emotional understanding, engaging the heart, and soul-searching is a large part of my practice. 

Throughout our work together, we cultivate the skills of openness, awareness, mindfulness and self-compassion all in pursuit of living your best value-driven life in the midst of all that life brings. We learn to lean into our hurts with kindness, compassion and curiosity, which ultimately leads to healing the inner hurts we carry. This in-turn gives you a sense of emotional freedom to live your purpose-driven life. 

A significant interest of mine is the integration of spirituality and emotional well-being. Suffering often opens us up to ask some of the most difficult questions in life such as: Why are we here? What’s the purpose of my life? Where does meaning come from? Where do I find hope amidst this suffering?  Willingness to explore truth and our connection to something greater helps provide a sense of groundedness, comfort, purpose, and peace. 

Services Provided:

Individual Adult Psychotherapy


Treatment Areas:



Stress Management

Chronic Pain

Women's Health

Substance Use

Adjustment to Chronic Illness

Relationship Difficulties

Grief and Loss




2425 Post Road

Suite 100

Southport, CT  06890

Contact Info:

(203) 800-1017



In-network for Aetna

Out-of-network for other insurance companies

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